New Year, New Challenge, New Life

For the last 2 years I have been fighting and thankfully winning a battle with illness. During that time I have gone from being able to push myself for a couple of miles at a time in my wheelchair to being laid up in bed for most of the time. My late Wife always said I was way too stubborn and independent. This independence has been reduced to nearly nothing as Dr’s and nurses battled and gave me a second chance and district nurses are keeping that fight going.

As the civil rights activist Rosa Parks, who refused to move from a white only bus, is remembered this week with a statue in her memory it has given me even more resolve to get more of my independence back. I can now do more for myself. In the 4 hours out of bed each afternoon the plan is that I can do daily chores around the house, something I never thought I would look forward too. It will be lovely to put the oven on and cook myself a meal. It will be even nicer to cook one for my Stepdaughter Kate and her partner Laura as well as my Cousin Sian, her partner Tony and Kate’s brother Adam who have supported me through this very long battle.

On the days when the weather allows I can start going down into Bilston in my power chair to shop and socialise and be a member of the community again. Using a power chair has been a mindset that was difficult to accept. It was Kate who got me to see it gets me from a to b without tiredness. This start will then allow me to take the next step and use the accessible transport in the area to rejoin my church family as well as rejoining the team at Radio Wulfrun on a Saturday lunchtime to do the thing I enjoy most of all, presenting on the radio.

When a new decade comes along you think about what it will bring. I hope the 2020’s will bring me and my family health and happiness and a far more settled life. We will no doubt have to face some challenges but after our experiences we know we can face anything and win through.

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